News & Aktuelles

Neue Fahrtrouten beim BürgerBus
08.12.2017 - Der BürgerBus Verein Edewecht e.V. bietet ab dem 11. Dezember...
Das Rathaus Edewecht ist am 18.12.2017 geschlossen
05.12.2017 - Die Bauarbeiten im Rathaus der Gemeinde Edewecht sind zwar noch...
Aufnahme der Dorfregion Edewecht-Ost in das Dorfentwicklungsprogramm
27.11.2017 - Die Dorfregion Edewecht-Ost wurde im Frühjahr 2017 in das Dorfentwicklungsprogramm...
10 Jahre Wunschbaum-Aktion in der Gemeinde Edewecht
13.11.2017 - 2007 gab es in Edewecht initiiert durch das Familienbüro eine...
Große Gala-Abende mit dem Niedersachsen-Sound-Orchester am 20. und 21. Januar 2018
13.11.2017 - 2018 zwei Neujahrskonzerte mit dem Niedersachsen-Sound-Orchester Aufgrund der großen Kartennachfrage für...
Dorfregion Edewecht-West; hier: Erarbeitung eines Dorfentwicklungsplanes
06.11.2017 - Für die Erarbeitung eines Dorfentwicklungsplanes für die Dorfregion Edewecht-West (Beteiligte...
Förderprogramm "Niedersachsen vernetzt" - kostenfreie Webseitenerstellung durch Azubis
03.11.2017 - Der Förderverein für regionale Entwicklung e. V. setzt sich mit...
9. Spielzeugbörse am 04. November 2017
26.09.2017 - Am 04. November 2017 in der Zeit von 14:00 -...
Verpachtung der Cafeteria/Kiosk im „Bad am Stadion“ in Edewecht
18.09.2017 - Die Gemeinde Edewecht sucht für die Cafeteria/Kiosk des Hallen- und...

Truck Parking

Paid truck parking
Opening Hours: Daily, 0:00 h - 24:00 h


Rules and Regulations:

1. This truck parking area is subject to the German Road Traffic Act (StVO).

2. The use of the truck parking area is subject to a parking fee. The fee is charged per 24-hour period or part thereof and becomes due upon parking the vehicle.

3. The parking ticket must be displayed behind the windshield and clearly visible from the outside (pay & display).

4. This parking area is for trucks only. Parking without special authorization is only allowed on the parking spaces numbered 1 – 10.

5. Use of the parking area is at own risk. The owner of the parking area will accept no liability whatsoever for any personal injury, damage to property or financial loss. This applies, in particular, for damages to vehicles, break-ins or vehicle theft as well as for damage resulting from moving or towing vehicles that are improperly parked and/or parked without authorization.

6. Open fire, refueling, repairing or cleaning vehicles, running the motor for longer periods of time, parking unregistered or defective vehicles as well as parking trailers or other objects is strictly prohibited.

7. The use of the sanitary facilities is free of charge for drivers and accompanying persons who are in possession of a valid parking ticket. Showers may be used at a charge.

8. The truck parking area and its facilities must be treated with due care and consideration. Damages will be repaired at the parker’s expense.

9. The parking area and sanitary facilities are cleaned by the owner. Users of the parking area must clean up after themselves and remove any litter/dirt that they are responsible for. Otherwise, the owner is entitled to have the area cleaned at the responsible parker’s expense.

10. Vehicles that are parked illegally or in violation of traffic regulations will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.